Miss Mortelle
Slave learns to be my Full Toilet
Slave learns to be my Full Toilet

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I know that my slave has some difficulties in eating my shit still. That's why I decided that he will receive a full toilet training. I put an electric dog trainer around his balls. In this way I can push the remote control and give him electro shocks, whenever I see it necessary. My slave receives facesitting from me. I also spit into his mouth and tell him what a good toilet he has to be for me. Then I am ready to piss into his mouth! I will pee all of my golden shower into his toilet mouth. He has to swallow everything. Next, I allow him to lick my butthole as a preparation for the scat feeding. I tell him that he has to eat at least the first piece of my shit. I poop this first piece right into his mouth and make him swallow it all. Then I poop the big portion into his toilet hole. He has to keep it in his mouth for as long as I want to, while I give him handjob. During this scene, you have a great view of my soles. In the end my slave is choking on my shit and he spits it out. Because he did not fulfill my task, my slave gets punished with many electro shocks! May this training be a lesson for my toilet.