Miss Mortelle
Toilet Breakfast out of the Blender
Toilet Breakfast out of the Blender

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My slave can consider himself lucky that I have once again invited him to a perverted breakfast. As a basis for his divine smoothie, I will piss into the blender. Then I turn around so that you can watch how my sexy shit plops out of my asshole and lands in the collected piss. Last but not least, I wipe my ass and throw the toilet paper into the mixer too. Time to mix the whole thing! By the way, eating a mixture of shit an pee is way more difficult than eating shit alone. This is due to the higher volume of shit liquid and because every single sip of it will have the same, strong shitty taste! I pour my human toilet a portion of the liquid pee and shit mixture into a glass and demand that he drinks it! While my dirty pig struggles with drinking my shit under the table, I enjoy my delicious breakfast. When he has drunk the first glass, I start to pour the shit directly into his mouth... Then a disaster happens... See for yourself how this perverted toilet education continues!