Miss Mortelle
Whipped and Fucked
Whipped and Fucked

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I tied my slave firmly to the bed, with his legs spread widely apart. Helpless as he is, he will first endure a harsh whipping. After warming his ass up with spanking, he also has to take my flogger, my whip, the cane and my bullwhip. I make him count strokes and thank me for the punishment. If his count is wrong, the whipping begins form zero... It is the first time, I use a bullwhip in this video! Since his asshole is so easily accessible, I give him cane strokes right on his anus, which make my poor slave cry and beg for mercy. Experience how I restore my slave with love and tenderness after my flagellation has destroyed him. Then I lube my red strap-on dick and stick it up his tight hole. Watch me ride my slave from different camera angles. It gets so hot, that I have to take off my patent leather top. I push my cock in deep and fast into my slave: This will be a fuck he remembers. Finally, I allow my bitch to come in missionary position and make him eat his sperm.