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Written on 17.04.2022 at 11:16 by Miss Mortelle - News

Buy a clip on my video site until Monday and get one for free! One random, free clip per slave.

Offer counts until 18.04.2022 23.59 (GMT +1). Free clips will be unlocked on Tuesday.



My Only Fans is off 30 % until 19.04 11:00! Use the chance to enjoy my huge picture collection and chat with me. I answer every day:



If you want to give me a gift, check out my wishlist:



Happy Easter my subbies <3

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Miss Mortelle - News
Written on 01.04.2022 at 21:23 by Miss Mortelle - News

Currently I am back in Leipzig and actively looking for the right property for my own BDSM studio...

Therefore it can happen that I need a little longer to answer my e-mails and messages; but you know that great things are in planning. You may look forward to it! :) 

Miss Mortelle - News
Written on 17.02.2022 at 09:58 by Miss Mortelle - News

The biggest luxury in life for me isn´t money, but FREEDOM.

The freedom to travel and do what I love <3 Next destination: Hawaii

While I swing into my holidays, you will:

-Enjoy my pictures and send me desperate messages (I will answer them on the 24th of February again):


-Send me Tributes of Adoration:


-Watch all of my my clips:



Pictures taken in January in Tulum, Mexico


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Written on 20.01.2022 at 21:43 by Miss Mortelle - News

Communication during play is key. Don´t assume your domme magically knows what is right for you.


  1. Ask to talk about your desires and taboos before the session starts. Establish clear boundaries before you get into the play. Make sure you inform your domme about any special health conditions you have or medication you take. Safety first.

  2. Tell your Mistress when you like something during the scene. In this way she can use it to reward and tease you.

  3. If you wish for more intensity or humiliation, try to ask for it in a subtle way. Don´t say „More“ or „Harder“, as this may displease your Goddess. You might formulate it more subtly & while humiliating yourself: „Even though your pathetic loser does not deserve anymore, nothing would make me happier than another slap in the face“. „If you ever wish to reward me, you may fuck me even harder my divine Mistress“

    Anyway it is always better to be very specific about the level of intensity you desire before the scene, because you asking for more during the scene might disrupt the dynamic of dominance and submission.

  4. Don´t shy away from using the stopword when you feel overwhelmed or disconnected in an unpleasant way.

  5. Chat about the BDSM scene afterwards. Tell your Goddess which aspects you liked & disliked, so she can get to know your unique fetish desires. Now you may also ask your Mistress if there is anything she liked about your service and what you could improve to be a better slave for her.


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Miss Mortelle - News
Written on 20.01.2022 at 19:03 by Miss Mortelle - News

Unfortunately my last pair of leather boots got so dirty I had to throw it away...

Who will buy me these gorgeous leather boots from my wishlist? Make yourself useful, slave!


Size 37, Color: Black Paris. Address upon request.