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Written on 16.09.2021 at 15:48 by Miss Mortelle - News

I know that you are longing for  worn panties... You are dreaming about their sweet smell and their lavish taste... 


Today I give you permission, to purchase a pair of worn undies. I will mail them to your country.


-Worn one Day: 30 euro plus shipping

-With an extra flavour: 50 euros plus shipping


Order via E-Mail: medea@missmortelle.com 


<3 Worn Panties, Undies, Slip, Cameltoe, Booty, Femdom, Pantie Sniffing, Dominatrix, Mistress, Femdom, Goddess <3



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Written on 31.08.2021 at 11:29 by Miss Mortelle - News

In my universe, you are non-existent. Bow down so deep, that I don't have to see your pathetic face! We both know that you have no other meaningful duty, but worshipping me. Start sending me adoration & money and step into your slave existence!

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Written on 10.07.2021 at 20:31 by Miss Mortelle - News

I just had this new movie idea. 4 or more slaves put their balls at my disposal to be kicked...

The planned date would be before 12th September, location in Leipzig, probably outdoors.


Are you interested! Write me an e-mail to medea@missmortelle.com


Photographer: Toben Twiggs

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Written on 10.07.2021 at 02:45 by Miss Mortelle - News

Your tribute does too.

Good slaves send now:


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Written on 26.06.2021 at 22:02 by Miss Mortelle - News


You will crawl.

You will beg.

You will suffer.

And you will love every single moment of it!


Photographer: Toben Twiggs