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Written on 05.12.2021 at 12:25 by Miss Mortelle - News

It´s the time of the month to donate again. Thank you for allowing me to fund it <3 There are so many beautiful things in my life that are possible because of you, and this is one of them. I am so grateful that all of you exist.

Here is the link, if you want to protects girls in Tanzania from Female Genital Mutilation as well: https://globalgiving.org/projects/safe-house-training-centre-tanzania/…


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Your deadly Goddess knows how to train caviar and golden shower virgins to become receptive toilets in a sensitive but consequent way.


For my new clip, a young, handsome & inexperienced slave has contacted me. He expressed his desire to serve me as a poop slave and agreed to undergo an extreme initiation.


This video is special because you can admire me doing my acrobatic yoga and fitness exercises before the toilet training. Many shots during the workout are capturing my red painted toes and my tight trained ass ;)


I give the toilet virgin enough time to relax and accept his role as my slave. Be it as a my sniffer, licking slave or swallowing toilet....


From the 3rd December 7 pm this awesome video will be available in my store. Do not miss it!


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1. For slaves of the deadly Goddess, general rules of politeness and etiquette apply, as one would expect it from a butler. 

2. Beyond that, however, it is not enough to address the Goddess by her full name. The slave has to address the mistress with superlatives whenever he can ("almighty Mistress", "gorgeous super-Goddess", "diamond among women" etc.) and must shower his Goddess with compliments regularly.

3. The Goddess' happiness, well-being, and satisfaction is always the slave's first priority. The slave relinquishes all control over his own Self to his Mistress. She now controls his entire body, mind and soul.

It is extremely detrimental to the femdom dynamic, if the slave mentally holds on to his sexual satisfaction and considers it "important". The slave has to realize as soon as possible that his Goddess alone knows what is right and necessary for him.

4. Put absolute trust in your Mistress. Be sure that your Goddess cares about your well-being and, moreover, has your higher potential in mind.

5. The slave obeys the Mistress under all circumstances. He does not question her commands and always does his best to fulfill the demands placed upon him.

6. The slave must learn to observe his own body and tell the Goddess when his inner state changes dramatically (when, for example, meditation-like states or even negative feelings such as fear, sadness or shame occur). In response, the Mistress will teach the slave to enjoy, honor, and transform these inner states (yes, even the negative ones!).

When a slave is whipped or experiences breath-control, he may very well burst into tears. Such an emotional outburst is affirmed and celebrated by the Mistress, as it is very important for the inner development of the slave.

7. The slave has to ask his Goddess for permission if he wants to pursue his own needs; be it to enjoy a drink, to go to the bathroom or to experience an orgasm.

8. In the presence of the Goddess, the slave must always crawl, both physically and verbally. He has to acknowledge that the Mistress will be above him forever and he has to express this in his behavior constantly.

9. The slave must accept that it is his life purpose to serve his Goddess as an object of amusement:

-through financial gifts, presents, love letters, flowers, etc.

-through humiliation

-by enduring sadomasochistic practices. The Mistress loves the feeling of pleasure that flows through her when she whips her slave and starts to grin...

-By writing laudatory blogposts, comments, tweets and reviews on the internet. 

-by providing his physical shell for the video productions of the Goddess

-by having the slave perform other useful activities for the Goddess -without expecting anything in return (manual labor, cleaning, etc.)

10. Learn to enjoy the mere presence of your Goddess. Visual stimuli are completely overrated. Focus on your Mistress' voice, her magical eyes, and her divine aura.

Photographer: @guldorphotography on Instagram 


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Follow the Sacred Rules.


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From the first day of our lives we are depended of our mother and in need of love. Addiction is a part of life and it can never fully be removed.

In BDSM we can play with the concept of dependence, which is sometimes painful and psychologically difficult for us. In play we can enjoy dependence and the fact that there is no control or free will. May every BDSM scene help us come to peace with what is beyond our control <3