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Submission is a state of deep surrender, meditation and letting go - of control, burdening thoughts and of all those limitations, that keep you from being your truest Self.

Miss Mortelle - News
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On my way to Berlin for a video shooting for Ersties! I really love working with this company, because they emphasize, how you should have fun in front of the camera and stay sweet, natural and authentic. Also, I love their transparent communication and that they have so many women in their team. Today I will be shooting with another female actor. Wish me luck! ✨❤️ 


(This picture was also shot in Berlin, but in a different context. It was taken by the wonderful photographer Geschossen wurde es von Süleyman Agir from "Trio Agentur".) 


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Miss Mortelle - News
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I feel, therefore I am.


This is a new approach in therapeutic work and unfortunately not yet widespread enough.

It is especially important when it comes to achieving therapeutic success; also in trauma work.

Last week I had another BDSM therapy session that was about working through wounds from the past.

Here, feeling is much more important than the "why did it happen?". Trauma cannot always be verbalized, it is stored in the body and in the memory. Therefore it has to be solved on a physical, emotional and mental level.

Trauma work proceeds in 2 steps: 

1. stabilization and security 

2. reprocessing

Dealing with trauma is a matter of practice. Particularly beneficial to the healing process are relaxation, physical activity, creative expression, and progressive self-reflection (i.e., not "Why was it like this?" but "Who am I now?" and "What is good for me?").

My approach to therapy is multimodal and 100 percent tailored to you. There is also a discounted rate for BDSM trauma therapy sessions, which you can ask me about.


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Right now I am sitting in the train to Leipzig and am looking forward to shoot my next videos there!

Kinky regards

Miss Medea Mortelle

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A dominant woman must be noble, distant and exclusive.

She is inaccessible, always covers her female sexual characteristics and doesn't let anyone touch her!

Nude photos and sex movies are not exclusive, but third class.


This thought is thrown at me from time to time, claiming that this is the only way to be perceived as a credible and real goddess.


However, I started out as a sub and am still a self-confessed switcher; even if I don't offer this in sessions. I don't think this makes me more untrustworthy, but on the contrary gives me experience that other dominatrixes may not have. I know how it feels to feel powerless and helpless. I know the meditative state between pain and arousal. I know the shame feelings, the fear and the vulnerability. I know the need for love mixed with violence.


Thus, I understand the desires of my subs and can respond to them.


Secondly, I think that behind the former statement there is also sexist and patriarchal thinking. Why is a dominant woman only valuable and credible if she is clothed and sexually unapproachable? Doesn't this also conceal the belief that women cannot or should not be sexual? Isn't someone else trying to tell me how I should be?


What if I am a dominant exhibitionist? If I love to have sex in front of other people. What if I love to have sex with many different people, preferably at the same time and in front of an audience? What if I love to drive others crazy with my naked body? What if I want to share my sex life with you on video?


What if I am a dominant woman who stands by it and shouts out into the world: I am strong and I am vulnerable. I am top and I am sub. I have no shame and no fear to show my body as it is, because my body is not a sex object, but a work of art.