Miss Mortelle
I make him swallow my Shit in Public
I make him swallow my Shit in Public

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Today I have a special challenge for my slave, but he does not know yet. He just thinks, he can be my toilet as usual. Everything begings normal. We are in the living room and I make him kiss my feet to salute me. Then I tell him to lie down and take off my panties right over his face. First he may smell my worn underwear, then he has to lick it clean! Next, I sit on his face, with my gorgeous pussy facing forward into the camera. I pee right in his mouth and my slave drinks it all. I turn around and empty the last drops of pee into my slave toilet, while you enjoy the gorgeous backside view of my ass & pussy. My dirty pig drinks all of the golden shower, even though it was the intense morning piss. He is so voracious, that he even licks the floor clean! I am excited to have such a willing toilet bitch. Then I tell him to kneel in front of the bed. I am in doggystyle on the bed & command my slave to catch my turd with his mouth. I push out a huge shit and he takes it all in his mouth. „Keep my shit right there in your mouth!“, I tell him. „Now we will go for a walk in public, so everyone can see what a dirty toilet you are.“ I put my slave on a leash and off we go onto the street in plain daylight. You will se his shit-stained face, as I walk him around. Even though there are people watching us from afar, I tell him to kneel down and spit in his face, while insulting him. As we arrive on the other side of the street, I tell my slave to start chewing my shit. He will have to swallow it right here for everyone to see, while I tell him what a dirty pig he is! Watch my slave proving his devotion to me in this exciting and challenging public humiliation game. I love public play & would love to do it again. Are you a slave, who is into exhibitionism and SM in public spaces? Then send me an e-mail and you might be my next video slave: medea@missmortelle.com