Miss Mortelle
Perfect Soles for our Foot Bitch
Perfect Soles for our Foot Bitch

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Today you have the undeserved honor to worship the feet of two goddesses! Madame Svea and I will turn you into a foot bitch in an instant. While we are sticking our toes in your face, we will humiliate you thoroughly and laugh at you. You are a pathetic loser and would do anything to suck our big toe just once. We will tell you how to perform the foot worship we want from you. First you will sniff our sweaty toes, then you will suck our feet clean! Then we will drive you really crazy foot loser! Madame Svea and I will cream each other's feet with body lotion and push our shiny soles and toes right into your face. You poor bastard are wishing that your hands would massage these soft soles now, aren't you? To top it off, Madame Svea and I rub our feet against each other, but then we realize that this view is probably too divine for a beta bitch like you...