Miss Mortelle
Sissy and Toilet Humiliation: Making you more fuckable
Sissy and Toilet Humiliation: Making you more fuckable

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Our sissy slave is lucky that two mistresses are going to train and degrade her today. She already wears an all pink dress, but that's not enough. I want her to wear red lip stick so she looks like a real slut. Goddess Kita and I command her to lick the toilet seat clean, but she only makes it worse. The red lipstick is all over the toilet seat. She has to keep licking, as we laugh and humiliate this disgrace. I push our sissy´s head into the toilet and activate the flush... Our sissy has to stay close to the toilet - where she belongs; as I motivate her with cane strikes to keep licking and licking. Now it's time to make her more fuckable. I push my finger into her ass and starting fingerfucking her from behind. As our good toilet whore she willingly licks my fingers, after I take them out from her ass... She is definitely on the right way to become a dirty fuckable whore for Goddess Kita and me to use as we please.