Miss Mortelle
SPH Dick Rating from Me and my Girlfriends
SPH Dick Rating from Me and my Girlfriends

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You promised me to show me your dick today, because you want to have an honest opinion on it's size. I really do consider myself a dick expert, so you can be sure, that I will tell you the truth ;) As soon as you let down your pants, you will see the shocked expression on my face. I did not expect it to be that small! Your dick truly is a micropenis and I can't stop myself from laughing at you. I even take a picture of your teeny-tiny dick and share it into the WhatsApp group of my girlfriends. My girlfriends will be brutally honest with you and each and everyone of them, will tell you how supersmall, ridiculous and useless your cock is. At least you will be useful for us to have a good laugh!! But I also want to tell you my own opinion in full detail. First, I will tell you how tiny your despicable cock really is and give you some life advice on how to deal with having a micropenis. Then, I will also let you know what a real big cock looks and feels like and tell you about all the sexual ecstasy you are missing out on. Finally, I will let you enjoy a pathetic mini-orgasm; but only because I want you to stay away from all real women!