Miss Mortelle
Twin Foot Losers for 2 Dominatrixes
Twin Foot Losers for 2 Dominatrixes

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Goddess Kira and I love to have our feet worshipped by our personal foot bitches. We are laying back and tell our servants how they have to kiss the most sexy part of our bodies. Even though, I am enjoying the foot worship, I hold the electro shocking device in my hands - just in case that one particular slave doesn't do a good job ;) Watch how my young sissy slut sucks my toes one by one and how the other slave gets his mouth footgagged by Goddess Kita. After this extended foot worship, these twin foot losers have to learn the art of massage. Unfortunately one of our foot whores does better than the other... Very fast, the bad foot masseur feels a punishment in form of electro shock on his balls. Goddess Kita and I laugh at his pain in pure delight.