Miss Mortelle
Whipped by 7 Mistresses
Whipped by 7 Mistresses

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7 Mistresses have gathered at the Femdom Gala in Athens to whip one single slave. We decide that he will first receive 5 strokes from each mistress. Of course, not every mistress complies and of course we just keep whipping him after the first round. Our target bounces back and forth on the pillory while our whips lash at him. He will have to endure big and small bull whips, floggers and crops for us. The longest whip in this clip is a solid 3 meters long and hits the slave flesh with a cracking sound. Finally, all dominatrixes whip the helpless slave at the same time. As our victim begs for mercy, we dig our fingernails into his flesh.... This slave will surely remember this whipping for a long time...
Tags: Whipping