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7 days of Chastity - No Escape (Locktober Special)
7 days of Chastity - No Escape (Locktober Special)

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In order to become my chastity slave, you need 3 things: 1. Any chastity device 2. A numbered plastic keyholder lock: https://www.amazon.com/Master-Keyholder-Numbered-Plastic-Chastity/dp/B00M249E2W 3. Lots of willstrength ;) It is Locktober again: My favorite month of the year, because I will celebrate my birthday - on the 31st-, while you will undergo an ordeal of restriction and denial. In this video, I tease you into chastity, while wearing a gorgeous wetlook suspender shirt... Let me explain to you all the rules... and more importantly, let me give you all the reasons, why you need this week-long chastity. You get weaker and weaker for me, because you know it deep down: Your dick deserves to be locked up for 7 full days! Finally, I will make you put on your loser cage and you will send me the first picture of your encaged dick. You will notice painfully that my body and words turn you on even more, now that your are encaged. I will only supervise your chastity with daily email replies, if you use a keyholder plastic lock with a number on it! If you withstand 7 days in the cage...while sending me a daily picture of your locked up dick with the keyholder number well visible...you will get an exclusive reward: A jerk-off video only for the best chastity slaves! This video will not be available for sale anywhere and I will send you a download link if you went through this chastity challenge.