Miss Mortelle
Full Toilet Training POV
Full Toilet Training POV

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Today I will train you to become my filthy toilet. I will fixate you under my toilet chair and then you will have to consume all of my pee and shit. First I am sitting on the toilet chair without wearing panties. I am telling you how I will soon use you as my shit hole and pee toilet. You are a dirty pig destined to be consuming my disgusting bodily excretions... There will be no way out in this game, I am using a mouth gag and rope to make you helpless. Now I am sitting on the toilet chair and you can see my naked butthole and pussy from below. This is the position you are meant to be in. You are fixated under the toilet chair and fully exposed to my pussy and asshole... I already have to pee & shit so hard. All of my golden shower and scat will just come raining down on you. And as my good toilet slave you will eat it all.