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Sniff this smell explosion! (Socks, Boots and Feet)
Sniff this smell explosion! (Socks, Boots and Feet)

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My tied up slave has been waiting the whole day for me to return from my shopping tour...I have been wandering around the city in my pantent leather boots and my socks are nicely humid and wet from my foot sweat. I enter the living room and find my longing slave tied up below the couch. First, I make him lick the street dust from my boots. Only after they are neatly clean, I take off my shoes and the room is instantly filled with a glorious smell: The stinky, sweaty parfume of my pink socks! While I jerk my slave, he has to take deep inhales from the stink of my moist socks. His nose is the only thing he is allowed to use for breathing in! My stinky sock smell will be his elixir of life. Then I command him to stick out his tongue and lick the sweaty taste from the socks. I am only satisfied, when he has sucked out every single drop of tasty sweat. Finally my slave is allowed to lick the stinky moisture from my pretty feet. I put toe after toe into his mouth and instruct him to lick the sweaty street sweat from my tender feet.