Miss Mortelle
Take our Whips!
Take our Whips!

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I found out that my slave put my precious clothes on the floor, so he could sit down naked on my chair!!! As a punishment he will be whipped severely by Mistress Gaia and me. We are using long, leather whips to mark his body. We want to make sure he will be unable to sit down on his ass anymore! We whip him until he begs for mercy and a little more. Then he has to crawl out of our sight like a worm. We order another slave to come for punishment. This one here will take the remaining anger of two mistresses. Even as an experienced slave, this guy gets to his limits. Especially when I whip him with my rubber whip, while sitting on him like a pony, he collapses from pain. At least Mistress Gaia and I are having some fun!